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After a short break I am looking forward to working with the Musikschule Fröhlich again,

this time in my city Vienna where I also studied until 2021 and spent many wonderful years.

As the owner of the 
Musikschule Fröhlich - Vienna 

I would like to invite you to a unique musical journey. 

We offer great music courses for children and adults, find out more. New music courses live in Vienna or online will start soon. ML


Mirco Lieber

In November 2022 I took up a position as Professor of Piano at the Regional Conservatory of Music in Ponta Delgada. I am personally looking forward to this new challenge, and I would like to thank the institution for inviting me. I wish to all my students the greatest pleasure in learning the piano. 


As part of my master's thesis at the University of Music in Vienna, I recorded in my music studio a wonderful French-late-baroque music by the composer Claude Balbastre. You can listen to her on the following link.


19.6. 2022

On the revamped website, under the Music Lessons tab, you can find a renewed offer of packages for the keyboard instrument lessons.
To the youngest musicians aged 5 to 7 years in the first year of learning the instrument, I highly recommend MELODICA LESSONS, which allows easier and faster later transition to other keyboard instrument.

In ML-MusicSchool you can learn how to play all instruments with keys using the modern online method.

Träume Erleben/Experience Dreams/Experimente sonhos
ML MusicSchool, Mirco Lieber, MMag.

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